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March 31, 2015 - Publications

Legal aid in action: Stories from the frontlines

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL. With a hand over our heart, we have all made the pledge. For many of us, it’s those final words – Justice For All – that echo loudest. More »

March 31, 2015 - Publications

Positive signs for growth of legal aid funding

The Texas Access to Justice Commission is pleased that the Supreme Court’s request for $17.56 million of baseline state funding for civil legal aid so far has been well received in the 84th Texas Legislative Session. This is very encouraging, and we are very appreciative of our legislators’ support of this baseline funding. It will help many poor Texans receive direly needed legal services.  More »

March 31, 2015 - Publications

Student Loan Assistance for Legal Aid Attorneys

We know that low salaries of legal aid lawyers coupled with skyrocketing student loan debt make it difficult or impossible for lawyers to accept employment at legal aid or stay in those jobs long term. That’s why the Texas Access to Justice Commission created the Texas Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program (Texas SLRAP) in 2003 to assist attorneys who choose to pursue careers in legal aid in Texas. More »

March 30, 2015 - In The Media

More state money is needed to provide legal representation for poor

This country has a legal-aid funding crisis. Matters are just as bad, if not worse, in Texas. Currently, 5.6 million Texans qualify for legal assistance with issues such as domestic violence, foreclosures and health care for the elderly. Yet insufficient state funding makes access to legal representation for the poor almost impossible. Only about 104,000 families receive help each year from a small group of legal aid organizations. More »

March 30, 2015 - Publications

A middle ground between pro rates and pro bono

We talk a lot about pro bono work. Many of the most successful initiatives here at the Texas Access to Justice Commission have revolved around motivating attorneys young and old to gift low-income Texans with a slice of their time and knowledge. This work is crucial, all the more so because the number of people that need legal help vastly exceeds the number who receive it. More »

March 23, 2015 - Publications

The story of #ProBono2015 Spring Break

Enjoy the story of 66 Texas law students having a truly life-altering ‪‎SpringBreak‬ experience through pictures & posts! You'll see these students immersing themselves in opportunities to help low-income Texans with their civil legal needs across the great state of ‪Texas‬. More »

March 09, 2015 - In The Media

Probate Lawyers Support Pro Se Forms

Some probate attorneys want to help the effort if lawmakers pass a bill to require the Texas Supreme Court to create standard probate and wills forms for low-income Texans. Probate lawyer Craig Hopper told members of the Senate State Affairs Committee on March 9 that he already identified a potential panel of people who might collaborate to create "good forms" if the legislature passes Senate Bill 512. More »