ATJ Internship Program

Interested in the ATJIP?  

The 2024 Fall ATJIP application period is now open.  You can find the application linked here.

A completed supervising attorney statement is required as part of the application. You can download that form here.

Contact the office for more information: 512-427-1855 |

Access to Justice Internship Program (ATJIP) provides a unique opportunity for law students to participate in an internship with a legal aid organization. These internships educate students about the civil legal needs of low-income people and provide future lawyers with the skills to address these problems.

Each law student is supervised by accomplished lawyers and has the opportunity to provide direct legal services to low-income clients while receiving hands-on training and mentorship. Each supervising attorney provides their law students with a variety of experiences and assignments, including significant research and writing, which helps them learn about access to justice matters, legal decision-making, advocacy skills, attorney-client relationships, and legal institutions. Prospective interns must secure placement with his/her desired legal services organization in order to be considered for an ATJ internship stipend. Spring and Fall interns will receive a stipend of $2,500 per semester for 200 hours of work. Summer interns receive a stipend of $5,000 for 400 hours of work. 

Course/academic credit is not permitted in conjunction with participation in the ATJIP. Internships with civil legal aid providers in Texas who work on behalf of low-income Texans qualify. Judicial clerkships and public defender offices are examples of internships that would not qualify for stipends under this program.

The internships are open to law school students from any law school throughout the country, but preference is given to applicants from Texas law schools. 

Here’s what a few recent ATJIP participants shared about their experience:

I had the opportunity to work on housing and zoning projects that exposed me to the disproportionate manner in which low-income individuals are affected.  I conducted research on the history of the community and how different local policies and procedures have had a disparate impact on different demographics in the community.  The internship experience taught me there is a huge need for individuals who are willing to leverage their legal knowledge and skills for the impoverished in our state, and I look forward to continuing to do just that. ~Tanner Garner, Internship with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas – Ft. Worth, Attending Texas A&M Univ. School of Law

I gained valuable experience and provided valuable service working remotely. I edit the manual and complete pre-screens or applications and researched various property law issues as well as implicit bias in the workplace. I am glad I was able to help fill a gap in resources due to the pandemic, which has left even more underprivileged Texans in need of legal services than ever before.  ~Natalia Hamilton, Internship with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas – Dallas, Attending Baylor Law School

I had the opportunity to help individuals and communities facing unique issues arising from COVID-19. CRP saw rapidly growing problems of poor people facing eviction, unemployment, hunger, and unmet medical needs. I helped defend evictions within the community and conducted research on a force majeure clause, a private right to action involving lease agreements, and the CARES Act. I also gathered information on CARES Act properties & daily evictions filed in counties across North Texas.  I also worked with CRP concerning the COVID-19 outbreaks at the meatpacking factories and was able to conduct research and engage in community outreach to help the plant workers. During my internship, I gained new skills and did some great work for the communities in these harsh times. ~Rafael Haros, Jr., Internship with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, Community Revitalization Project – Ft. Worth, Attending University of Tulsa College of Law


If you have questions about the Texas Access to Justice Internship Program, please contact our office by email or phone 512-427-1855. 

The on-going success of the Access to Justice Internship Program is made possible by Justice for All Campaign donors that fund the students’ stipends. If you or your law firm is interested in sponsoring an ATJ internship, please contact or 512.427.1855.