Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation (LSR) is a potential solution to the growing number of people who cannot afford a lawyer and must represent themselves in court.

Under LSR, a lawyer provides only specified legal services to a client rather than handling all aspects of a client’s case. This form of legal practice is also referred to as “unbundled legal services” or “unbundling.” For example, in a divorce case, the client and the attorney might agree that the attorney will draft all the documents, or will provide only legal advice on how to handle the case and that the client be responsible for all other aspects of the case. LSR is practiced by attorneys across the country and used in a variety of practice areas.

LSR is a win-win situation for low-income people and lawyers. Because the attorney is hired for only certain aspects of a case, the overall cost is lower than it would be for full representation, and the client benefits by obtaining much-needed legal expertise at an affordable price. Lawyers benefit by connecting with a client base that would otherwise not be able to hire them, and nationwide studies show that LSR clients are happier with their results.

Learn More about Limited Scope Representation

Doing Well While Doing Good: Representing Clients in Limited Scope Matters

This webcast offers an opportunity to hear from Travis County District Judge Lora Livingston and seasoned limited-scope practitioners Lewis Giles and Matt Probus on how attorneys can safely represent clients on certain aspects of their cases. Panelists discuss the benefits of LSR representation to attorneys, clients, and the courts, and address the practicalities of setting up a limited scope practice.

This CLE is available free of charge to attorneys who volunteer to take a case pro bono. Contact Texas Access to Justice Commission at for more details.

Limited Scope Representation CLE Presentations

LSR Committee members travel throughout the state presenting CLEs designed to inform attorneys about limited scope representation and how to integrate LSR into their practice. If you would like to schedule a presentation for your law firm, local bar, or other group, contact Texas Access to Justice Commission at

Integrate Limited Scope Representation Into Your Practice

To further assist attorneys in developing a limited scope representation practice, the Commission has developed Family Law and General Civil Law tool kits that attorneys can use as templates. Each tool kit includes a sample service agreement, sample task and issue assignment checklists, sample notice of limited representation, and sample motion to withdraw.