Make a difference in thousands of lives across Texas

Justice for all is not an abstract concept. For the more than 5.6 million Texans who qualify for legal aid, access to justice means a roof over their heads, a united family, or medical care.  Justice for all improves individual lives and contributes to the fairness and stability of our society as a whole by ensuring that everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard.

Make YOUR impact today! DONATE ONLINE or email or 512-427-1855 for donation assistance.

  •     $150 can help a special needs child get the education she deserves   
  •     $250 can protect an elderly woman from a consumer scam   
  •     $500 can preserve housing for a person living with disabilities   
  •     $1,000 can cover an entire legal aid case for a family   
  •     $5,000 can give life-saving assistance to victims of domestic violence

How can I donate?

DONATE ONLINE or, if you prefer to contribute by check, please send it to:

Texas Access to Justice Commission
P.O. Box 12487
Austin, TX 78711

For more information, contact, 512.427.1862.